SV6 Sensor distribution box

With the RESOL SV6, the signal of a Pt1000 temperature sensor can be distributed to 6 outputs. Thus, the signal of a single sensor can be made available to up to 6 controllers. In the case of a sensor fault, the LED will flash red.

SV6_445x445 (1)
SV6_445x445 (1)

Distributes the signal of a Pt1000 temperature sensor
Enables using a single sensor for multiple controllers
Amplifies the signal for transmission over great cable lengths

Inputs: 1 Pt1000 temperature sensor
Sensor inputs: 6 Pt1000 temperature sensors
Power supply: 100 – 240 V~ (50 – 60 Hz)
Supply connection: type Y attachment
Standby: 1,26 W
Rated impulse voltage: 2,5 V
Data interface: RESOL VBus®
Functions: amplifying and distributing a sensor signal to 6 outputs
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting, also suitable for mounting into patch panels
Indication/Display: control LED
Ingress protection: IP 20 / DIN EN 60529
Protection class: II
Ambient temperature: 0 … 40 °C
Pollution degree: 2
Dimensions: 144 x 208 x 43 mm

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