BUFFER tanks

COMFORT buffer tank with exchange station

For fast solar charging (FWSS) with generously dimensioned solar register
Fresh water module FWS, solar pump group SST25 / 2E and heating circuit group HKG ready to plug into the storage tank. No chimney effects due to tight-fitting fleece insulation and insulating caps for unused connecting pieces. Optimal stratification through 3-zones.

PS buffer tanks

The backup tanks of the PS series are made of steel (S 235 JR).
For PS backup tanks, the sleeves are arranged so that these tanks are optimally suited for volume expansion of other tanks.

BUFFER tanks1
BUFFER tanks1
  • Simple and cost-effective backup tank
  • 4 temperature measuring points (contact sensor sleeves) on tank
  • Access flange DN 200 from 1500 litres
  • Upwards of 2,000l with larger heating connections

Universal backup tank for heating, cooling and solar systems. Optimised for volume expansion of other stratified tanks PC, PC 2WR, PH, fresh water tanks FS/1R and FS/2R.

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