Pro-Clean tanks

PC – Pro-Clean tank for domestic hot water and heating

Multifunctional stratified tank system made of steel (S235JR) with an integrated stainless
steel corrugated pipe (1.4401/1.4404) for heating applications and hygienic domestic hot water
preparation in a continuous heating process. In combination with a spherical exchanger,
optimum stratified charging of the solar energy without tank mixing, integrated inflow absorbers
for optimum retention of the stratification and boosting efficiency. Incl. 5 pre-mounted special
immersion sleeves that can hold up to 3 sensors each. From 1,500 l with access flange DN 200,
incl. blind flange plate. Upwards of 2,000 l with larger heating connections. Can be expanded
and designed following customers needs.
New model with feet and transport device for easier delivery, less thermal losses thanks to
reduced sleeve lengths. ST-connection flanges are supplied with spherical exchangers. The
spherical exchanger must be ordered separately.

PC 2WR – Pro-Clean tank with double corrugated piping inside

Multifunctional stratified tank identical with PC but with 2 integrated stainless steel corrugated pipes (1.4401/1.4404) for heating applications and hygienic domestic hot water preparation in a continuous heating process.

  • Efficient use of solar energy using a natural principle for hot water and heating
  • Simple functional concept without complicated technology or supplementary electrical energy
  • (gravity circulation principle)
  • Backup heating from all common systems possible
  • Inflow absorbers prevent the layers in the tank from mixing – especially during heat pump operation
  • Hygienic water heating due to two special corrugated stainless steel pipes1 (DN 40, 1.4404)
  • 5 temperature measuring points (sensor pockets) for each of three temperature sensors on the tank
  • Access flange DN 200 from 1500 litres
  • Prepared for use with 2 electric screw-in heating elements (photovoltaic feed-in)

Water heating and heating operation with a solar system for projects with increased hot water requirement.

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