TCS line regulation valve

High-temperature bypass Taco setter allows simple and direct regulation, display and shutting off the flow in collector arrays of different sizes (sealing plug is included in the scope of delivery).


• Accurate and fast regulation without the aid of diagrams, tables, or measuring instruments
• Specified volumetric flow can be read directly in l/min.
• Flow control using the set-point slide
• Regulator valve with adjusting the scale
• Regulator valve lockable (residual leakage possible)
• Any installation position
• Low-pressure loss
• Bypass replacement at full plant pressure
• Maintenance free

Temperature: 185°C (transient 195°C) with sealing plug
Operating pressure: PB 16 bar with sealing plug
Measuring accuracy: +/- 10 % of displayed value
Housing: Brass
Interior parts: Stainless steel, brass, plastic
Viewing glass: Heat- and impact-resistant plastic (borosilicate)
Seals: EPDM
Female: Rp (cylindrical) according to DIN 2999/ISO 7
Insulation (accessory )

In solar systems or heating systems for constant flow.

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