GA3 Large Display|GA3

The RESOL GA3 is a completely mounted large display module for visualisation of collector- and storage temperatures as well as the heat quantity yield of the solar system via one 6-digit and two 4-digit 7-segment-displays. An easy connection to all controllers by RESOL VBus® is possible. Stainless steel frame with high quality multiplex wood elements and mounting plates for interior wall mounting. The front plate is made of antireflective filterglass and is printed with a light-resistant UV-lacquering.The universal RESOL VBus® allows the parallel connection of 8 large displays as well as additional VBus® modules. The bus line can be extended using a standard two-wire line.
Large display module with 3 displays for collector and storage temperatures as well as for heat quantity, incl. power supply


Visualisation of collector and store temperature as well as of heat quantity
One 6-digit and two 4-digit 7-segment LED displays
Easy connection via RESOL VBus®
Anti-reflective window
Power supply via mains adapter
Automatic controller recognition

Power supply: 220 … 240 V~ (50 … 60 Hz) (by mains adapter, included)
Power consumption: max. 12VA
Ingress protection: IP 30 (suitable for dry rooms)
Ambient temperature: 0 … 40 °C
Dimensions: 600 x 640 x 75 mm
Weight: approx. 10 kg
Data input: RESOL VBus®

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