Solar controller DeltaSol® A/AX/AX HE

The DeltaSol® A, DeltaSol® AX and DeltaSol® AX HE controllers are the simplest solution for all differential controls. The version DeltaSol® A is equipped with an adjustable temperature difference and an antifreeze function. The version DeltaSol® AX presents an extended version which is additionally equipped with an adjustable target temperature for minimum or maximum temperature limitation. Equipped with an electromechanical relay and a PWM output, the DeltaSol® AX HE controller manages the speed control of a high-efficiency pump. The enclosed silicone sealing cord guarantees a protection against dripping water.

  • Adjustable temperature difference 2 … 16 K, hysteresis 1.6 K
  • Antifreeze function adjustable by jumper/DIP switch
  • Maximum or minimum temperature limitations adjustable by DIP switch (DeltaSol® AX/AX HE)
  • Protection against dripping water
  • Speed control of a high-efficiency pump with adjustable minimum speed (DeltaSol® AX HE)

Max. number of collector fields:1
Max. number of stores:1
Weather-compensated heating circuits:-
External heat exchanger:-
Speed control of standard pumps:-
Speed control of HE pumps:ja [AX HE]
■ via integrated PWM output:ja [AX HE]
■ via PSW adapter:-
Temperature sensor inputs:2
Sensor type:Pt1000
Inputs for Grundfos Direct Sensors™:-
Input for CS10 irradiation sensor:-
Impulse inputs for V40 flowmeter:-
Relay outputs in total:1
■ semiconductor relays (speed control):-
■ electromechanical relay:1
■ potential-free relay with changeover contact:-
■ potential-free relay with normally open contact:-
■ potential-free high-current relay:-
PWM outputs:1 [AX HE]
■ convertible to 0-10 V:-
Real-time clock:-
Data interface:-
Energy-efficient SMPS:ja [AX HE]
Power supply:220 … 240 V~ / 115 V~
100 … 240 V~ [AX HE]
Heat quantity measurement
■ with flowmeter:-
■ with V40 flowmeter:-
■ with Grundfos Direct Sensors™:-
Software functions
Antifreeze function for solar circuit:check
Collector minimum limitation:ja1 [AX/AX HE]
Collector emergency shutdown:-
Store maximum limitation:ja1 [AX/AX HE]
Store set temperature:-
Store emergency shutdown:ja [AX HE]
Drainback option:-
Tube collector function:-
■ with adjustable time frame, interval:-
Additional ΔT control:-
Thermostat function:-
Target temperature:-
Heat dump function:-
Heat exchange:-
Store loading in layers:-
Priority loading:-
■ Parallel loading:-
■ Store sequence control:-
■ Progressive loading:-
■ Successive loading:-
■ Spreaded loading:-
Solar circuit bypass:-
Irradiation-dependent bypass:-
Irradiation switch:-
Afterheating suppression:-
Parallel relay:-
Twin pump for solar circuit:-
Cooling functions and cooling mode:-
Flow rate monitoring:-
Pressure monitoring:-
Function control:-
Error relay:-
DHW hygiene functions:-
■ DVGW legionella protection:-
■ Thermal disinfection:-
DHW heating:-
Heating circuit return preheating:-
Boiler loading/Zone loading:-
Solid fuel boiler:-
Mixer control weather-compensated:-
Mixer control with target temperature:-
Function block:-
Heating circuit antifreeze function:-
Chimney sweeper function for the heating circuit:-
Inputs: 2 temperature sensors Pt1000
Outputs: 1 standard relay (changeover)
PWM frequency: 1000 Hz (DeltaSol® AX HE)
PWM voltage: 11.0 V (DeltaSol® AX HE)
Switching capacity: 4 (1) A 240 V~ (elektromechanisches Relais)
Total switching capacity: max. 4 A
Power supply: 220 … 240 V~ (50 … 60 Hz), 100 … 240 V~ (50 … 60 Hz) (DeltaSol® AX HE)
Supply connection: type Y attachment
Standby: 1.4 W
0.39 W (DeltaSol® AX HE)
Mode of operation: Typ 1.B
Rated impulse voltage: 2.5 kV
Functions: antifreeze function, DeltaSol® AX/AX HE additionally with maximum or minimum temperature limitation
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting
Indication/Display: 1 control lamp
Operation: 1 potentiometre and 1 jumper (DeltaSol® A)
2 potentiometres and 4 DIP switches (DeltaSol® AX)
3 potentiometres, 4 DIP switches and 1 jumper (DeltaSol® AX HE)
Ingress protection: IP 20, with seal IP 22 IEC 60529
Protection class: II
Ambient temperature: 0 … 40 °C
Pollution degree: 2
Dimensions: Ø 139 mm, depth 45 mm
Switch-on difference: DT 2 … 16 K adjustable
Hysteresis: 1,6 K below switch-on value
Control range: -20 … +150 °C
Special functions: frost protection, DeltaSol® AX additionally with maximum or minimum temperature limitation

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