Electric immersion heater 3 kW 230 V~

The electric immersion heater is designed for installation into a hot water store and can be used for heating as well as for DHW heating. In combination with the DeltaTherm® PV it converts excess PV current into thermal energy.

1½”, incl. connection cable 3 m

  • Single-phase electric immersion heater up to 3 kW, variable and grid compliant
  • Thermal cut-out at 95 °C
  • Using excess current for heating a water store

Material: Heating element: 2.4858, INCOLOY® 825
Operating pressure: max. 10 bar
Maximum temperature seal pipe end: 120 °C
Maximum temperature pipe surface: 120 °C
Operating voltage: 230 V~
Power: 3 kW
Immersion depth: 250 mm
Unheated length: 95 mm
Thermal cut-out: 95 °C

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