PFM solar collectors

New generation: “Plug&Flow” (PFM) module collector

Can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Suitable mounting systems are available for various types of roofing or with weather-resistant frames for freestanding units. Thanks to its low weight and optimum dimensions, the collector may be installed in a short time. The internal piping is easy to install and the collectors can quickly be connected to a collector array in a few simple actions.

PFM solarni kolektori
PFM solarni kolektori
  • Keymark tested collector
  • High-performance absorber – complete meander pipe is welded to the absorber metal (incl. elbows), higher efficiency through greater thermal length
  • CMT welded collector pan
  • Long service life, robust, temperature- and weather resistant design
  • Fast and easy installation using hydraulic connections
  • Very low profile construction (62 mm)
  • Silicone-sealed glass pane with cover strip
  • Enlarged aperture area with the same gross area
  • In-roof mounting
  • On-roof mounting
  • Freestanding
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