FlowSol XL

FlowSol XL – solar station

The FlowSol XL is a pre-assembled twin-line pump station especially developed for systems with high flow rates. Equipment and nominal width are designed to meet the demands of large collector fields.


• Pre-assembled twin-line pump station
• Integrated DeltaSol BX Plus controller
• Energy-saving high-efficiency pump
• Safety assembly with connection for the diaphragm-type expansion vessel, safety valve and pressure gauge
• Ball valves with non-return valves in flow and return
• Flowmeter
• Air separator with manual air vent for the solar thermal system
• Fill and drain valves
• Especially suited for the pump station: our accessories such as the ALS15 discharge hose, the SBS 2000 filling and flushing station, etc

Circulation pump: Wilo Stratos PARA 15/1-9 (ErP power consumption of the pump*: 44 W)
Safety valve: 6 bar
Pressure gauge: 0 … 10 bar
Flowmeter: 5 … 35 l/min
For low-flow systems (0.2 l/min/m²) with collector fields of up to 100 m²
For high-flow systems (0.5 l/min/m²) with collector fields of up to 50 m²
Take the pressure loss of the system into account!
Ball valves in flow and return with non-return valves and thermometer handles:
Non-return valves: Opening pressure 20 mbar, openable
Thermometer: 0 … 160 °C
Connection to diaphragm-type expansion vessel: 1” ET, flat sealing
Outlet safety valve: 1″ IT
Connections to the solar pipes: 1″ IT
Maximum temperature flow/return: 120 °C / 95 °C
Maximum pressure: 6 bar
Fluid: water with max. 50 % glycol
approx. 470 x 380 x 220 mm (with insulation)
Distance centres: 125 mm
Distance centre / wall: 73 mm
fittings: brass
seals: AFM 34
O-ring: FKM
insulation: EPP foam

Solar thermall systems for DHW heating, building heating, pool heating, etc.

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